If you are a manager or a business owner interested in any of our services, one of our principals would be pleased to meet with you on a complimentary basis to discuss your goals and objectives in greater detail.  Please contact Chris Kramer to schedule a meeting.

If you are a private equity group or funding source and would like to learn more about SEG’s investment banking practice, please contact Mike Ellington to discuss opportunities to be explored.

If you are interested to learn more about our valuation advisory services including financial compliance and expert financial opinions, please contact Chris Kramer.

Orange County, California
6 Hutton Center Drive
Suite 860
South Coast Metro, CA 92707

P: 714.444.3833
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Website: www.segco.com
E-mail Inquiries: info@segco.com

Los Angeles, California
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Phoenix, Arizona
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Staff Directory

Michael T. Ellington, Managing Director
P: 310.693.6950

Christopher A. Kramer, Managing Director
P: 714.380.3300

Jill Moro, Director
P: 714.380.3304

Michael Lovett, Manager
P: 714.380.3306

Chase Hoover, Manager
P: 714.380.3305

Matt Williams, Senior Analyst
P: 714.380.3307

Michael Young, Analyst
P: 714.380.3302

Ryan Monreal, Analyst
P: 714.380.3308

Austin Yellen, Analyst
P: 714.380.3303

Sabrina Gladstone, Executive Assistant
P: 714.380.3301