Strategic Equity Group (“SEG”) was founded in 1989 to provide investment banking services to middle market companies. Since that time, SEG has grown to become a full-service investment banking and valuation advisory firm with expertise in a number of areas. While sell-side mergers & acquisitions representation, business valuations, and financial compliance advisory remain the core of our practice, our capabilities expand well beyond these areas to encompass a breadth of experience not generally found in a boutique firm. Our mission is simple – To provide value added investment banking services to the middle market. What makes SEG different is that we provide those services by leveraging our experience, conducting ourselves with integrity, and delivering results.

When representing our clients in negotiations, SEG maximizes the desired results through a blend of superior negotiation skills supported by convincing analysis. Where an independent financial or fairness opinion is required, SEG compiles and reviews available data, analyzes that data, and formulates supportable work papers that withstand the scrutiny of third parties. In either case, the Client will always reap the benefits of experience and counsel that most people associate with bulge bracket firms, while receiving the service that you would expect from a boutique investment bank. SEG prides ourselves on our client testimonials, overall level of client satisfaction, and the significant amount of repeat business that results from exceeding client expectations.

When you retain the services of Strategic Equity Group, you receive:

  • Senior project management on every engagement
  • A highly responsive project team
  • The expertise of a professional staff with significant breadth of experience that has resulted in many successful transactions
  • Access to a vast network of potential buyers, institutional and industry-specific, as well as other advisors and intermediaries across the countryStrategic-Equity-logo-alone_50
  • Promises that are kept and professionals with high integrity
  • Our unwavering commitment to exceed your expectations